Metropolitan Intelligence Announces Availability of MI | 911 for Lead Poisoning Emergency Responders

We had a great time at the IoT World's conference this year in Santa Clara where we presented Metropolitan Intelligence's situational intelligence solution to end lead poisoning.

We were part of a FirstNet panel and a full day event for "The Internet of Life Saving Things" which is such an amazing development and new addition to the existing IoT World tracks.


Metropolitan Intelligence - See what's invisible and do something about it.

Metropolitan Intelligence is my baby.  I've been designing this software platform for a long time taking bits from my work with private sector, the arts, public sector, technology, non-profits, science, education, engineering, psychology, cities, resilience and math.

I love cities, what they can be, and working with people to understand exactly what they want to see and do. I also love working with people on the creative process required to design the best solutions possible.

Metropolitan Intelligence is a combination of core capabilities all people want, made available as a subscription service, and while it enables businesses, government, education, health, and non-profit sectors it's intended to become the newest Public Sector Utility.

In urban, suburban, or exurban environments your future is informed by the past, present variables in your location, and your behavior there.

Metropolitan Intelligence shares invisible spatio-temporal data from the past, with present variables, and provides more options for a future path.

Live data dashboards let you see and understand what's happened in specific locations before, what's happening in the present, and what may happen in the future.

Don't be surprised, be informed.

Vision Architecture, Inc. - Vision & Strategy for Smart Cities & Large Information Systems

I've been consulting for about 20 years with public and private sector leaders to imagine what they want to build for themselves and those whom they serve.

My Professional Services Management Consulting firm is called Vision Architecture, Inc. and you can write me there or here to talk about project work.

I've done business under my name on a 1099, then as a small business corporation, and as a sub-contractor to prime contractors as a W2 temporary employee. 

I note it because I'm flexible to help clients get good work done, quickly.

To see the services Vision Architecture has to offer check out my website and let me know what you're interested in working on and we'll get something going to meet your needs.

I've decided to post most of my work examples here on my personal site,, so you can look at more work than you might if you only visited