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I'm Stephanie Hayden and I work on vision and technology for Smart Cities and post recent work here for your perusal along with talk about arts, science, tech, social patterns, and why things are the way they are.



Ayelet Baron
futurist, author
"our journey to
corporate sanity"

"Our world needs Stephanie Hayden to help us shift into a 21st Century mindset of opportunities. Stephanie is a pioneer who makes things happen through her brilliant mind and ability to connect human-to-human in creating purposeful experiences. Her passion and purpose are clear to all who engage with her and her groundbreaking work combining years of art, science, technology and a deep love for systems thinking helps her re-imagine how we live and work.  Stephanie brings much needed navigation tools and creativity to 21st century leaders who are ready to be the architects of their own human life and the cities they lead. She plants seeds to help individuals and cities grow and flourish."