Metropolitan Intelligence - See what's invisible and do something about it.

Metropolitan Intelligence is my baby.  I've been designing this software platform for a long time taking bits from my work with private sector, the arts, public sector, technology, non-profits, science, education, engineering, psychology, cities, resilience and math.

I love cities, what they can be, and working with people to understand exactly what they want to see and do. I also love working with people on the creative process required to design the best solutions possible.

Metropolitan Intelligence is a combination of core capabilities all people want, made available as a subscription service, and while it enables businesses, government, education, health, and non-profit sectors it's intended to become the newest Public Sector Utility.

In urban, suburban, or exurban environments your future is informed by the past, present variables in your location, and your behavior there.

Metropolitan Intelligence shares invisible spatio-temporal data from the past, with present variables, and provides more options for a future path.

Live data dashboards let you see and understand what's happened in specific locations before, what's happening in the present, and what may happen in the future.

Don't be surprised, be informed.